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“We’re more data-informed than other PIAA companies, largely because of our CRICO partnership, and we’re the only insurer I’m aware of that has a data geek in their patient safety group. We’re lucky to be led by Constellation’s chief medical officer, Dr. Laurie Drill-Mellum, who expects us to be guided by empathy and compassion, to be transparent and trusting, and to thrive on excellence.”


Trish Lugtu, BS, CPHIMS

Senior Manager, Advanced Analytic Solutions


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Malpractice Claims Analytics
  • Health IT Patient Safety


  • BS, Biology, Univ of MN, Twin Cities
  • MS Predictive Analytics, degree candidate, DePaul University
  • CPHIMS (Certified Professional of Health Information Management Systems)


  • Constellation representative to The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, convened by ECRI Institute
  • American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
  • Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)


With more than 16 years with health IT experience, Trish adds valuable expertise to the work of patient safety and risk management at MMIC and Constellation. She mines malpractice claims data for actionable patterns and creates data visualizations that help educate and raise awareness of issues. Trish’s insatiable curiosity and passion to leverage technology and data to improve patient safety has garnered her national speaking opportunities.

In her early work as health IT became more prominent and Meaningful Use was ramping up, Trish recalls the EHR mishaps beginning to surface and saw the implications for health IT patient safety. Currently in her role as the “token data geek” on MMIC’s patient safety research and development team, she leverages her unique perspective to raise social awareness of patient safety when EHR and technology are involved. “Offline,” Trish is an avid audiobook “reader” who loves to travel, abroad and also up north to the lake, taking in data of all sorts.


10/16/2017 - Seattle

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