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Constellation® is a new look at something fundamental. With our growing portfolio of MPL insurance companies, we work together behind the scenes to help health care organizations and support care teams. Together, we can improve their ability to help and heal. Doctors, nurses, therapists, physician assistants, administrators, CEOs, CFOs, physician groups, hospitals, senior living organizations—this is who we serve.

We go beyond insurance

With the changing realities of health care, it is no longer enough to offer only medical professional liability (MPL) insurance products to physicians and practices. So we go beyond, combining services and consultation partners to offer our customers something truly unique and helpful—ways to ease the burdens placed on health care teams, to retain talent, to improve efficiencies and outcomes, and to allow more focus and precious time with patients.

Good care is good business

We believe that committed people and the business of health care all benefit from more personalized and engaged care delivery. In other words, we believe good care is good business. So at the heart of Constellation is a tireless effort to find new and bold ways to further this objective, changing the future of health care in the process.

Our purpose and values

We created Constellation to do more for those who already do so much. We champion all those who devote their lives to health care and to the essential work of enhancing health—and life. Because of the good they do, supporting our caregivers is critical.

Leaders who care

Meet the team of individuals dedicated to building strong partnerships and leading efforts to help reduce risk, increase efficiency and improve profitability for our policyholders and customers. Constellation’s leaders are guided by a focus on our purpose and values, and include a diverse set of professionals with expertise in health care, business, law, marketing, finance, IT, underwriting and more.

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Our ongoing financial strength enables us to deliver superior service to our policyholders through our MPL insurance companies, while also investing in opportunities to offer solutions beyond insurance and drive future growth. Our solid financial position fuels our mission to help physicians—and all those who devote their lives to health care. Together, we can improve their ability to help, to heal and to serve.

We’re stronger together

Our MPL insurance companies join forces to maximize what we offer: protection, plus leading-edge resources that help engage care teams and drive business results.

MPL insurance partnerships
Our MPL insurance partners offer the insurance, patient safety solutions and claim expertise that optimize care team efficiency, allowing physicians, clinicians and other staff to do what they do best. Insurance options are both comprehensive and tailored and cover the entire continuum of care, from large health systems and senior living and long-term care organizations, to hospitals and clinics, physicians and individual health care professionals of all kinds.

Want to partner with Constellation for greater impact?
Contact Ryan Crawford at or 952-838-6758 to learn more about the benefits MPL insurance companies can gain by joining forces with Constellation.

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Culture We work together, in a spirit of collaboration. We welcome diverse perspectives and place principle ahead of profit.

Data analytics Our in-house data analytics team partners with CRICO Strategies and uses their clinical coding taxonomy along with our claim analysis to learn the underlying factors that lead to claims.

Digital capabilities Our digital technology team can help partner organizations make significant strides in data infrastructure and digital customer experience.

Efficiencies and scale Collaborating allows us to expand our efficiencies in reinsurance, investments, administrative system upgrades, e-commerce and IT platforms, and API capabilities.

Mutual insurance holding company Constellation’s structure allows insurance partners to maintain their current brand and niche expertise, benefiting their regional customers.

National recognition We have begun efforts to build a nationally recognized health care brand in order to give our customers a stronger voice in the industry and access to a network of “beyond insurance” partners and expertise.