Benefits of Reporting Harm Events Early

Being a witness to, a part of, or the cause of an unexpected outcome that resulted in harm to a patient or resident—even if all standards of care were met—can be a devastating and heart-wrenching experience for physicians and care team members. Exacerbating the pain, malpractice claims may arise years later, and unresolved grief and sadness can return with full force for all involved.

This webinar will discuss how reporting harm events early can lead to quicker resolution with help from our HEAL program. Early reporting can help lessen the impact harm events have on patients, residents, families, care teams and health care organizations.


  1. Recognize that harm events have damaging ripple effects on patients/residents, families, care teams and health care organizations.
  2. Understand new research that shows early reporting and early intervention reduces legal expenses and the life cycle of a case, bringing earlier resolution and closure for all involved.
  3. Acquire processes and tools included in the HEAL Prepare Toolkit to help your team and organization prepare for and respond to harm events.

Laurie Drill-Mellum, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer Emerita, Constellation

With over 30 years as a practicing physician Dr. Drill-Mellum brings a physician’s perspective as well as that of a patient and family member in an effort to promote patient safety and mitigate risk.

Gretchen Ruoff, MPH, CPHRM, CPPS
Senior Program Director, Patient Safety Services, Candello

Gretchen brings over 20 years’ experience in patient safety, risk management and patient advocacy to her senior program director role at Candello, where she provides analytical and assessment services to leading healthcare organizations and MPL insurers across the country on the issues of medical liability and patient safety.

Traci Poore, JD, CPHRM
Risk Consultant, Constellation

With her strong background in medical liability law, Traci is invaluable in helping clients in times of question or crisis, no matter how simple or complex the risk management situation may be. Traci helps Constellation customers by providing risk mitigation support in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma. Traci believes that alleviating areas of risk for customers gives them the ability to practice with confidence, knowing that Constellation has their back and will support them in their care of patients and residents.

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