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Constellation Solutions™ is provided in collaboration with partner companies. By leveraging both our MPL insurance companies and Constellation Solutions, health care organizations can protect their care teams and business, while achieving increased efficiency, improved profitability and new paths to faster growth. Because we believe that good care is good business.

Want to partner with Constellation for greater impact?

Joining the Constellation Solutions portfolio offers you greater access to customers who need your help and more opportunities for your solutions to have greater impact.


Save your staff up to 45 minutes per shift with Imprivata OneSign® single sign-on technology, ‍View an introduction to Imprivata OneSign

Improve your bottom line with our Physician Empowerment Suite. Learn more in this webinar, Positioning Your Practice for Enhanced Reimbursement Negotiations with Payers.

Delivering stronger business outcomes
Our "beyond insurance" partners collaborate with Constellation® to offer solutions and expertise that can help your health care organization reduce risk, engage care teams and, as a result, deliver stronger business outcomes.


Imprivata® is a leading single sign-on and advanced authentication platform whose clients include more than 1,700 health care customers worldwide, with over 6 million users across 21 countries.

Imprivata’s fast, secure authentication and access technology is a tremendous time saver for physicians and clinicians. By eliminating the need to remember and enter application usernames and passwords, clients and their care teams become more efficient.

The Imprivata platform addresses critical compliance and security challenges while improving provider productivity, quality of care and the patient experience.

SE Healthcare™

SE Healthcare provides performance analytics solutions to healthcare providers across the country. SE Healthcare’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite, a set of high-impact data analytics tools, leverages key performance metrics to help practices increase revenue, improve reputation, and strengthen operational performance. The tools within the platform were designed to bring awareness and resulting solutions to light for mistakes that can lead to malpractice claims, physician burnout, poor reputation, and barriers to effective reimbursement.

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite difference:

  • Reimbursement platform helps practices increase payer reimbursements by up to 20 percent
  • Gathers and analyzes data which no one else is measuring, enabling more effective payer negotiations and practice improvements
  • Five-star reputation tool helps manage online practice and physician reputations
  • Specialty-specific surveys and educational materials for key process and behavior improvements
  • Focuses overwhelmed and understaffed practices on increasing revenue by organizing payer, patient and provider data to develop a powerful and unique value story