Podcast Episode: Early Resolution

January 13, 2021

The HEAL® program defines resolution in several ways.

Resolution can mean developing an understanding of how the clinician is coping with the aftermath of a harm event and offering support if needed.

Early resolution can happen by conducting an early expert review of the adverse outcome to determine if the standard of care was met. This review helps to frame the conversation between the care team and the patient/resident and their family.

Resolution also means letting our customers know that they can communicate, along with guidance on what and how they should communicate.

“What physicians and nurses want to do is to explain what has happened, why it happened and what is going to be done about it. […] We’ve done a lot of thinking about this here [at Constellation]. We feel like it’s better business. We really want to push this forward [the HEAL program] and be part of the solution on how to communicate with patients, what to do and how to make things better after a harm event.

Jeff Bone, Early Intervention Consultant at Constellation
Good care. Good business.

Listen to our Good care. Good business. podcast episodes to learn more about our HEAL program. Our team of experts discuss a variety of topics related to supporting your care teams and reducing risk in your practice when it comes to the biggest drivers of medical professional liability claims.

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