Can We Talk? How to Improve Clinical Team Communication

In our analysis of Constellation® malpractice claims, communication breakdowns are a contributing factor in over one-third of harm events, accounting for almost 40% of costs. Communication breakdowns among the clinical care team represent almost half of those claims and result in diagnostic errors, surgical errors and improper medical treatment.

This webinar will outline how to help your teams improve culture, communication and collaboration to reduce risk.


  1. Learn about communication factors among the clinical care team that result in harm and malpractice claims.
  2. Understand how a collaborative culture and effective communication among the care team can help reduce the risk of harm events.
  3. Identify tools and resources to improve culture, teamwork and communication among the care team.
Constellation Presenters

Laurie Drill-Mellum, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

As a practicing physician for over 30 years, Dr. Drill-Mellum helps guide Constellation’s work of supporting health care organizations in order to free physicians and other clinicians to focus on their mission: to help, to heal and to serve.

Kristi Eldredge, RN, JD, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant

Kristi is a trusted advisor to policyholders in all matters of risk management. She has a background as both a registered nurse and a medical malpractice attorney and is well suited to provide comprehensive risk management services to customers.

Traci Poore, JD, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant

With her strong background in medical liability law, Traci is invaluable in helping clients in times of question or crisis, no matter how simple or complex the risk management situation may be.

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