Join us as our risk team walks through closed malpractice cases to illustrate the contributing risk factors and identify strategies to mitigate risk in your organization.


These webinars will provide you with the knowledge to:

  1. Understand causes and contributing risk factors that lead to harm events and malpractice claims.
  2. Learn how harm events and malpractice claims can be used to create an organizational learning environment for performance improvement in your organization.
  3. Identify risk management techniques to mitigate the risk of harm events and malpractice claims in your organization.

Constellation Risk Mitigation and Response Team

Claim Insights Webinar Series

November 16, 2022, 12 PM CT

Mitigating Obstetrical Harm Events

Claim Insights Webinar Series: On-demand recordings

Mitigating Surgical Harm Events

Surgery continues to be one of the high-risk areas for patient injury and malpractice claims. Clinical analysis of surgical cases reveals that they are driven by pre-operative decision-making and communication challenges, intra-operative technique and complications, and post-operative judgment and communication failures.

Learn about the underlying contributing factors to surgical patient harm and outline strategies for improvement.

Mitigating Fall Harm Events

While falls are a known risk in senior living and hospital settings, organizations still struggle with mitigating these events because they are complex and tend to vary by the patient or senior living resident.

Learn about the underlying factors contributing to fall-related injury and how your team can implement strategies for improvement.

Mitigating Team Communication Harm Events

A striking 35%—more than one-third of Constellation’s malpractice claims—include at least one issue involving communication. The alarming truth is that there are many complex ways communication breakdowns can occur at various points in the care process.

Learn how to improve team communication processes and mitigate related injury in your organization.