Communicating After Harm Events: Applying Learnings to Real-Life Scenarios

When a harm event occurs in a health care setting, all those affected need to receive immediate, accurate and empathetic communication from the care team. Clinicians and care teams must be ready to communicate in the crucial moments after an event and then in follow-up conversations over days, weeks or even months. This webinar will discuss best practices, provide coaching tools and share learnings from real-life communications following a harm event.


  1. Learn best practices for early, open and empathetic communication with patients, senior living residents and their families following a harm event.
  2. Identify key elements of effective communication after a harm event, including the ongoing process of follow-up communication, and how to respond to patient, resident or family emotional reactions.
  3. Access tools to prepare and coach clinicians and care teams to communicate empathetically after a harm event.
Constellation Presenters

Traci Poore, JD, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant

With her strong background in medical liability law, Traci is invaluable in helping customers in times of question or crisis, no matter how simple or complex the risk management situation may be. In her role as Senior Risk Consultant for Constellation, Traci provides risk mitigation support and education to physician practices in the Midwest region. Traci believes that alleviating areas of risk for customers gives them the ability to practice with confidence, knowing that Constellation has their back and will support them in their care of patients and residents.

Michael Turturici, CPHRM, LSS GB
Risk Consultant

Michael joined Constellation and its growing portfolio of medical professional liability insurance companies in 2021 as a Risk Consultant. Before Constellation, Michael worked as a Director of Risk Management for a large health care organization. In his role at Constellation, Michael partners with his team to deliver risk mitigation tools, education and communication assistance to customers. His many years of experience working for a health system allow him to bring a unique and first-hand perspective to customer’s needs and situations.

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