We’re creating a better way forward after harm events—a way that can preserve relationships, promote communication and ultimately improve everyone’s experience.

When harm events occur, we will support you from the moment you report the incident. We want to help reduce the amount of time that you experience stress or negative emotional impacts that adverse events may create, so you can continue to provide excellent care.

If the case progresses to a lawsuit, we will continue to help protect the reputation of your care teams and organization by partnering with the best attorneys to defend your good medicine. The process starts with a simple step: report your unanticipated outcomes to our team so we can launch our early intervention program, HEAL. After you report, we conduct a thorough event analysis to inform the next steps, all the way through resolution.

Affirmed by research: Early reporting leads to shorter case life cycles

Promising research shows that intervening early speeds resolution, lowers costs and promotes healing. Access our two whitepapers about early intervention to dive into the research:

Our early intervention program, HEAL, champions this better way forward

We are prepared and ready to support our client clinicians, care teams, and healthcare organizations immediately following a medical incident. We encourage clients to contact our team as soon as possible to report an event, so we may offer the services of HEAL, our early intervention program.

How Early Intervention Helped Shape a Physician’s Career

A physician experienced an adverse outcome after caring for a patient in a busy emergency department. Learn how our early intervention program helped him navigate the unexpected event and heal.

Common Factors Spring 2022 Issue
Common Factors

Read the Spring 2022 issue of Common Factors, The Benefits of Early Reporting.

How Early Intervention After Harm Events Helps Everyone Heal Sooner

Early intervention after a harm event helps patients, senior living residents and care teams heal, a process that takes many forms. Learn how we can help expedite the healing process.  

On-Demand Webinar: Early Intervention After Harm Events: A Better Way Forward

Watch this on-demand video today to learn how our early intervention program, HEAL, is showing promising benefits for clinicians, care teams and healthcare organizations.

On-Demand Webinar: Benefits of Reporting Harm Events Early

Watch our webinar to hear our team of experts discuss how reporting harm events early can lead to quicker resolution with help from our early intervention program, HEAL.

Report a medical or cyber incident or claim

Sign in to MyAccount, hover over Incident/Claim and click Incident Report.

Known account information will populate where appropriate. After you submit the form, a confirmation will be emailed to you, usually within minutes. Our team will follow up with you directly. 

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