Early Reporting Leads to Shorter Case Life Cycles and Decreased Expenses

Harm events can be a devastating and heart-wrenching experience for physicians and care team members. We have seen case after case where past experience demonstrated that if healthcare teams would report harm events earlier, the unintended painful consequences could be mitigated. Promising research shows that intervening early speeds resolution, lowers costs and promotes healing. Access our two whitepapers about early intervention to dive into the research:

Whitepaper: Why Early Intervention is Critical to Care Teams and Their Organizations

Our research offers insights into the benefits of early intervention and its impacts on all. Early learnings show that cases close three times earlier than the national average on files where indemnity is paid when we intervene quickly. Read the whitepaper to learn how we are building a better way forward after harm. Ultimately, we believe that early intervention will reduce the number of malpractice claims and lawsuits over time.

Whitepaper: How Reporting Harm Events Early Brings Faster Resolution, Lowers Cost and Promotes Healing

We joined forces with Candello, a Division of CRICO, to evaluate the magnitude of potential benefits of early reporting. Specifically, was there a significant impact on the “life cycle”—the time from assertion to closing of a case—and would early intervention impact expenses? When a harm event that became a claim or suit was reported early, the research found a statistically significant reduction in both expenses and the life cycle of a case. Recognizing and accounting for the variability of region, analysis year, case type and clinical severity of the patient’s injuries, a 25% decrease in average expenses and a 3.4% decrease in average time to closure was observed when a case was reported early.

Early Intervention Is Beneficial For All

We are creating a better way forward after harm events—a way that can preserve relationships, promote communication and ultimately improve everyone’s experience.

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