Introducing HEAL: Early Intervention Program

We are creating a better way forward after harm events—a way that can preserve relationships, promote communication and ultimately improve everyone’s experience. HEAL, our early intervention program, promotes swift reporting and is dedicated to acting promptly after a harm event occurs, then taking the learnings to help prepare your organization to mitigate future events.

Reporting harm events early benefits all

We encourage you to report harm events early. Our data shows that the life cycle of a medical malpractice case—how long it remains open and unresolved—may be shortened significantly when the incident is reported promptly and our team provides early intervention.

Reporting also allows our risk and claim consultants to help your organization through HEAL’s core services:

  • Clinician peer support—Benefit: Provider wellbeing
  • Risk consultation—Benefit: Improved processes
  • Communication assistance—Benefit: Strengthened relationships
  • Expert case review—Benefit: Accelerated insights
Mitigating harm events through the HEAL Prepare Toolkit
Assess and improve your readiness to resolve harm events

The HEAL Prepare Toolkit is a comprehensive, multi-year program that prepares healthcare providers and teams to mitigate harm events. We know that unexpected outcomes and mistakes are inevitable. How we react in the first crucial moments determines whether we preserve trust, communicate, learn and improve. Our Heal Prepare Toolkit will help assess your team’s readiness and then help you build best practices.

The Toolkit includes access to assessments, best practices, samples and coaching to get your organization up to best practices on the following:

  • Culture—Enhancing patient safety culture, implementing just culture principles and increasing staff engagement in harm event reporting
  • Event response—Responding to harm events quickly to accomplish thorough investigations
  • Communication—Engaging in immediate and ongoing open and empathetic communication with patients, senior living residents and families
  • Moving forward—Mitigating similar risk in the future and ensuring your care teams are supported

The HEAL Prepare Toolkit is self-guided, so you can begin at any time!

Step 1: Take the HEAL Assessment and get instant scoring, recommendations and an action plan.

Step 2: Move as a team through the four units of the HEAL Prepare Toolkit with best practices, education, podcasts and tools.

Step 3: Re-take the HEAL Assessment and implement a scorecard for success.

HEAL: A better way forward, together.

To learn about our early intervention program and philosophy, email, fill out our contact form, or contact your risk or claims consultant directly.