I’m Aware of a Mistake a Colleague Has Made. What Should I Do?

How communication and resolution programs support a modern approach to medical professionalism.

How to Protect Your Organization From Excess Malpractice Verdicts

Policy limits can drive large malpractice settlement demands. Protect your organization with Excess Judgment Liability (XJL) coverage from Constellation.

If You See Something, Say Something. Silence Is Not Safe.

Speaking up is the raising of concerns by health care professionals for the benefit of care quality and safety once a risky or deficient action of another care team member is recognized.

How Improving Team Communication Reduces Harm

Breakdowns in care team communication are a frequent factor causing patient and senior living resident harm. Understanding where, when and why these breakdowns occur is imperative to mitigating these risks.

How to Mitigate Hospital Fall-Related Harm

Failure to ensure safety, driven largely by fall-related injuries, is the fourth leading malpractice claim allegation made against hospitals.

Five Ways to Reduce Fall-Related Harm in Senior Living

Improving the critical thinking skills of care team members can create a stronger team, improve resident outcomes and help reduce resident injury and malpractice claims.

How to Protect Your Organization From a Cyber Attack

Cyber criminals are highly motivated to target health care organizations; a medical record on the dark web sells for triple the cost of any other record.

Five Ways to Reduce Obstetrical Harm

Organizations looking to improve OB outcomes should focus on fetal monitoring skill education and team communication processes and tools.

Does Your Organization Follow Best Practices for Documentation?

Documentation not only serves as a defense against allegations of malpractice but is also a primary mechanism for communication among the entire care team.