Our team knows that delivering life-changing healthcare is a challenge, and we think the benefits are worth the risks. That’s why our insurance is comprehensive, and we offer a variety of options so you get the coverage that’s right for you, your care teams and your business. So you can focus on what you do best—delivering the very best care.

We offer some of the broadest coverage options in the industry, starting with medical professional liability (MPL) insurance, but also offering general liability (GL), employee benefits liability (EBL) and excess coverage. Alternative risk financing offerings are also available, including self-insured retentions, fronted programs and more.

As a response to market conditions, we developed verdict protection coverage through Excess Judgment Liability—insurance coverage that will apply in excess of other professional liability insurance purchased through our company.

We also offer Cyber Solutions® and MEDEFENSE™ Plus to eligible policyholders.

Every policy comes with the support of a responsive team

Our experts have deep knowledge of the latest in the healthcare industry. We strive to continually stay abreast of changes, collect relevant claim data, and share insights, tools and resources.

Here are just a few examples of how we go beyond insurance to benefit your care teams and your business:

  • Risk assessments that provide instant feedback to help you reduce risks
  • Strategies to strengthen your business bottom line by optimizing your care teams
  • Articles and Risk Reports on the latest healthcare topics, including high cost verdicts, diagnostic error, reducing falls, and surgical error
  • Claim data analyses and customized programs to help you decrease diagnostic errors and minimize risk
  • Clinician Peer Support Program to help give care teams the emotional support they need to keep doing great work, despite adverse events or claims

Claims? We’re here with compassionate and attentive legal and crisis management experts, plus wellbeing resources including our clinician peer support program. We bring in experienced, local attorneys experienced in medical professional liability to help you defend claims and your reputation. We have your back, so you can keep giving your patients the very best of care.