Introducing Excess Judgment Liability

Verdict protection with Excess Judgment Liability helps health care teams optimize their risk management portfolio. By purchasing coverage specifically designed for unexpected verdicts, health care teams are protected from today’s increasingly litigious environment.

Who is it for?

Health care professionals, hospitals, physician groups, and senior living organizations

How is verdict protection coverage through Excess Judgment Liability different than traditional excess coverage?
  • Verdict protection coverage is discoverable but only accessible in the event of a final judgment awarded through a binding arbitration or jury verdict.
  • Verdict protection coverage is offered at a reduced premium – typically 20-35% lower than traditional excess coverage.*

*Subject to minimum premium requirements

“I think verdict protection with Excess Judgment Liability is beneficial for health care leaders. It’s a cost-effective way to protect their most important assets—their care team.”

Top medical professional liability insurance broker
Why should health care leaders consider adding Excess Judgment Liability to their risk management portfolio?

Verdict protection with Excess Judgment Liability:  

  • Ensures health care professionals and organizations have the protection they need in the event of an unexpectedly high verdict resulting in a final award.
  • Protects health care professionals and organizations from exaggerated settlement demands based on policy limits instead of patient injuries.
  • Enables settlement discussions when appropriate, and earlier resolution so clinicians can continue their mission: providing high quality, empathetic care to their patients.