Delivering Positive Outcomes: One Hospital’s Journey to Safer Labor & Delivery

Learn how Sparrow Hospital implemented collaborative clinician and care team training to make labor and delivery safer.

Five Ways to Mitigate Obstetrical-Related Harm

A review of our obstetrical (OB) claims reveals that the majority are related to recognizing and treating fetal distress and involve communication breakdowns among the OB team. Learn how we can help.

Ten Strategies to Enhance Informed Consent

Informed consent goes far beyond a signature on a consent form; it is a process of ongoing conversations that are held at critical points in the care process. Learn how we can help.

What We Learn From Nursing Malpractice Claims

A review of our nursing malpractice claims reveals that most claims are related to falls and fall-related injuries. Learn strategies that can help mitigate fall-related harm.

Defending Good Medicine

We work to protect our insured clinicians and healthcare organizations by partnering with the best attorneys to defend their good medicine if a case goes to trial.

Reducing Complexity and Facilitating Collaboration Following a Harm Event

At Constellation, we’re creating a better way forward after harm events and are prepared and ready to support our clients immediately following adverse outcomes. Learn more about early reporting and intervention.

What We Learn From Advanced Practice Provider Malpractice Claims

A review of our advanced practice provider (NPs/PAs) malpractice claims reveals the top risk factors are team-related vulnerabilities—learn strategies that can help mitigate harm.

Ten Strategies to Reduce Elopement-Related Harm

Elopement may happen so infrequently that senior living communities and hospitals may not have protocols to reduce the risk of unsafe leaving, or drills to respond to elopement situations. Learn how Constellation can help.

How Liability Coverage Structure Impacts a Malpractice Claim Settlement

Policy limits can drive large settlement demands. Learn how verdict protection coverage through Excess Judgment Liability can impact a malpractice claim settlement.