Who Is Most at Risk for Diagnostic Error Malpractice Claims?

The top responsible specialties involved in diagnostic error claims include emergency medicine, radiology, and family medicine. Learn how to reduce risks.

What We Learn From Malpractice Claims: The Top Drivers of Risk and Harm

The top drivers of malpractice claims are surgical treatment errors, diagnostic errors, and obstetrical errors. Learn more about how to mitigate risk.

Early Reporting Speeds Resolution After a Harm Event: Case Example

Improper medical treatment results in kidney failure but early reporting and intervention speeds the path to resolution for both the patient and care team.

Why Early Intervention is Critical to Care Teams and Their Organizations

Promising new research shows that intervening early after a harm event speeds resolution, lowers costs, improves learning and promotes healing for all involved.

What We Learn From Anesthesia Malpractice Claims

A review of our anesthesia malpractice claims reveals that most claims are related to improper patient management and involve technical skill issues, including known procedural risks. Learn strategies that can help reduce anesthesia-related harm.

Three Ways to Mitigate and Address Bad Patient or Family Behavior in Your Organization

Healthcare worker reports of bullying, verbal abuse and other “bad behaviors” from patients, families and coworkers have doubled since 2018. Learn how to protect your team.

How to Reduce Risk in Maternity Care Deserts

Learn how to reduce malpractice risk in maternity care deserts—where there’s a higher risk for poor maternal and infant health outcomes.

How to Onboard Advanced Practice Providers to Enhance Care and Reduce Risk

Learn strategies to enhance the role of APPs and reduce their risks through an effective and comprehensive onboarding program.

Delivering Positive Outcomes: One Hospital’s Journey to Safer Labor & Delivery

Learn how Sparrow Hospital implemented collaborative clinician and care team training to make labor and delivery safer.