Podcast Episode: Where to Start

When a harm event or unanticipated outcome occurs, the first step an organization should take is to report the event.

Early reporting has many benefits—primarily, doing so introduces the four core services of HEAL®: Clinician Peer Support, risk consultation, communication assistance, and an expert case review.

These services provide benefits to your organization that will boost provider wellbeing, improve processes, strengthen relationships, and accelerate insights, all beginning with one easy step.

“We want our [policyholders] to reach out to us anytime. […] With a near miss, it could be no big deal, but it could be potentially catastrophic for the involved health care team member. We want to offer peer support.

We also want to help the facilities with communication and the support relative to communication is different. With the near miss, the focus would be between the involved health care team members and the health care team and administration. Because a lot of times there is finger pointing. […] And we really want to shift the focus to ‘Let’s shift the process’ so that this is unlikely to ever happen again.”

Shelly Davis, Director of Early Intervention at Constellation
Good care. Good business.

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HEAL Program

Constellation’s HEAL program provides healing benefits for care teams and their organizations because we truly believe that what’s good for care teams is good for business.