Because staying current is key to mitigating risk, our consultants compile and develop resources so you have the latest information on trends and emerging issues. We offer live and on-demand webinars, continuing education modules, and publish our risk and patient safety magazine, Common Factors™, formerly called Brink®, two times each year.

We also offer sample policy and procedure templates you can customize for your practice or organization, as well as foreign language translations to help ensure all your patients fully understand their conditions or proposed procedures.

Fall 2020

The Surgery Issue

» Deep Cuts
» When Skill and Technique Fall Short
» Beyond the OR
…and more!

Education & Resources

Webinars on emerging issues

For the latest on emerging issues and trends in risk and patient safety, we offer live webinars throughout the year led by industry experts. Live webinars are open to everyone. Policyholders have access to all webinars including our full library of archived webinars for on-demand viewing.

Education events

Immerse yourself in hot topics that affect risk in your practice or organization. Our experts share insights and offer solutions to help you minimize risk. You’ll learn about the scope of an issue and clinical risks related to the topic, and gain valuable insights and data-informed solutions to take back to your teams.

You’ll also learn about technology related to the topic, and get updated on government or regulatory issues that will help you stay current and informed. Events are open to all policyholders, including administrators and risk managers, physicians and advanced practice providers, nurses, and others interested in learning more.

In addition to our regional events, we offer on-site sessions for policyholders that can be customized to your needs.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

We partner with a leading provider of online Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses to offer policyholders free access to high-quality instruction to help you improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your patient care. CME credit is available.

Bundled Solutions

Find comprehensive resources on hot topics and high-risk areas of clinical practice, plus emerging issues in risk mitigation. You’ll find a robust set of resources to help you stay current on the latest evidence-based methods, tools, and best practice guidelines, plus everything from templates and checklists to training and educational materials, and more. We create, curate and continually update these bundles to offer policyholders a one-stop shop for solutions.

Common Factors™

Our award-winning magazine, Brink®, is now named Common Factors™! Explore the latest thinking, best practices and malpractice claims data, and delve into cutting-edge, complex risk prevention topics relevant to health care leaders and medical professionals.

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Sample Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures need to be customized for each organization. That’s why we provide sample policy and procedure templates to use as a starting point when reviewing risk management protocols. Grouped by practice setting and category, these documents will help your organization develop and implement current, individualized policies and procedures.