Responding to Harm Events: The HEAL® Prepare Toolkit

To respond effectively after a harm event, teams need both a system for early reporting and a process for investigating.

Responding quickly and effectively to harm events is what facilitates early evaluation with preservation of facts, communication, and organizational improvement and learning. This webinar will help care teams by outlining best practices for a comprehensive event response. 

This webinar will provide information enabling you to: 

  1. Recognize key elements for comprehensive event identification and response.
  2. Outline key processes for timely and effective event investigation.
  3. Identify key components of event analysis for continuous organizational learning.
Constellation® Presenters

Heather Meyer, MBA, BSN, RN, C-LNC, CHSP, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant and Midwest Regional Team Lead

Heather Meyer has worked in health care for over 35 years. She was Emergency/Trauma RN and leader who also  has extensive health care leadership experience and over 15 years working in claim and risk management across various health care settings.

Heather brings a breadth of insight and a keen understanding of the inherent risks within the complex setting of health care. She applies this extensive professional experience in helping health care professionals and organizations reduce their medical professional liability risks while helping them move forward with confidence. Every day, Heather helps others problem solve risk management concerns—offering advice and recommendations to help clients take actions to reduce their medical professional risk exposures.

Monica Chadwick, RN, BSN, LNCC, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant and West Regional Team Lead

Monica Chadwick brings nearly 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and over 15 years of claim and medical professional liability experience. In her role, Monica provides consultative, educational services to health care providers.

Drawing on her medical experience and claim background, she helps educate health care professionals on claim prevention. Monica believes that being on the prevention side of the equation is rewarding because she can help to reduce provider risk and increase patient safety.

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