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TeamSTEPPS® to Enhance Your Culture of Safety

CATEGORY: Communication, Culture, and Teamwork, On Demand, Webinars
RECORDED: August 7, 2018
Betty Van Woert, R.N., BSN, CCM, CPHRM Sr. Risk and Patient Safety Consultant

Many patient safety improvement efforts commonly take one of two approaches – change the system and processes or improve teamwork and communication. Research into which approach produces the best results tells us that both are necessary. Motivation is fostered when we provide knowledge of why system change is needed, and teamwork training empowers both teams and individuals to carry out the change reliably. This combination of motivation and empowerment creates more successful improvement efforts. TeamSTEPPS® is a teamwork system based on more than 20 years of experience and lessons learned from high-reliability organizations and can enhance your organization’s culture of safety.