The Costs of Incivility: What We Do and Say Matters

Incivilityrude behavior, reluctance to assist, negative comments, lack of respectwe’ve all witnessed it or have been subjected to it in the health care environment. These behaviors undermine a culture of safety, negatively influence the patient experience, affect team performance and impact your bottom line.

This webinar will help senior leaders and clinicians understand the costs and business impacts of incivility and identify steps to promote a respectful culture and mutual support for all health care team members.


  1. Define incivility, understand the incidence and list its impacts on health care organizations.
  2. Gain an appreciation of the costs to turning a “blind eye” to incivility in health care.
  3. Acquire processes and tools to address incivility in your health care organization.

Dr. Laurie Drill-Mellum
Chief Medical Officer Emerita, Constellation

With over 30 years as a practicing physician Dr. Drill-Mellum brings a physician’s perspective as well as that of a patient and family member in an effort to promote patient safety and mitigate risk.

Betty VanWoert, RN, BSN, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant, Constellation

With over 35 years of risk management and clinical experience in women’s health and neonatal nursing, Betty knows first-hand how proactive risk management can impact care teams and those they serve.

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