For over 40 years, our medical professional liability (MPL) insurance member companies have backed the great work of physicians, clinics, hospitals, health systems, and senior living and long-term care communities in the Midwest, the Mountain states and Arkansas. Constellation and its insurance subsidiary brands—MMIC, UMIA, Arkansas Mutual, MMIC RRG and MPIE—have merged with and will operate under the brand name Curi. Yet there’s more to our company than just MPL insurance—we offer a variety of insurance options so you get comprehensive coverage that’s right for you, your care teams and your business.

Our insurance companies operate or are licensed in 47 states, giving you a nationwide perspective on patient safety, risk management and malpractice claims. Every day, we spend time reviewing cases to provide you data-informed strategies and resources to minimize your risk and provide your patients and senior living residents the very best care.

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