When you join our team, you’ll be part of something bigger. With other dedicated team members, you’ll experience the power of collaboration and the satisfaction of knowing your work has greater impact.

We work together for the common good

The work we do together is vital. We champion all those who devote their lives to healthcare, doing the essential work of enhancing health and life. We help them attain their dream to help, heal and serve.

Our solutions protect them and simplify processes and complexities, which in turn creates time for them to connect to their purpose and to patients, allowing the space they need for humanity to shine through.

How we work to serve them is vital, too. We work together in teams, welcoming diverse perspectives and partnering for greater impact.

We do what’s right, act with integrity. We place principle ahead of profit. We work with humility, without fanfare. We ask and listen, staying curious and open. We welcome a challenge, and we follow through to reach our goals.

We take time to celebrate the good we do and the difference we make. Together.

A tradition of service to our communities

We have a long history of investing in and offering service and support to our local communities.

Through our employee-run GIVE committee, team members can find opportunities to donate their time and skills and give back to others. They can receive paid time off to participate in volunteer activities or to raise contributions for a variety of nonprofit organizations.

GIVE hosts an annual contribution drive, and team members are invited to nominate their favorite charities from the regions we serve.

Team wellbeing

We understand the importance of maintaining a balance between life at home and at work. Our work environment encourages a healthy lifestyle, and our wellbeing committee, Team Wellness, offers enterprise-wide support for healthy living.

Our efforts emulate the findings of Tom Rath and Jim Harter in Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, which include career, social, financial, physical and community wellbeing. Wellbeing is defined as “the existence of health and happiness,” and the committee focuses on promoting positivity, encouraging healthy habits, and finding positive ways to deal with the stress of everyday life.

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