Podcast Episode: Why Culture Matters

HEAL® is about more than just managing potential harm events. The program prioritizes patient/resident safety, provides learning opportunities, and helps to foster an accountable culture. These are ambitious goals! There’s a great deal to be gained by committing to culture change – it can help reduce harm events and lessen the negative impacts when they do occur.

Culture is the foundation that determines whether your care team members will admit when they’ve made a mistake, whether they will ask for help when they need help, whether providers feel safe to speak up about unsafe conditions, [and] whether team members feel supported in bring new processes and ideas.

It really starts with leadership being willing to make that commitment … to continuously work on culture, and that [they] are going to put resources and thought and time into culture. Foundation is part of everything [they] do.

Emily Clegg, Senior Director of Risk Mitigation and Response at Constellation
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On-Demand Webinar: HEAL® Prepare Toolkit: Culture – Why it Matters

This webinar provides an overview of leadership actions, tools and resources to set course to measure, improve, monitor and sustain your organizational culture.