Constellation, Inc. and Curi Holdings, Inc. have completed their merger!

This merger brings together two like-minded organizations with similar values, financial strength and legacies of innovation. Together, we serve more than 50,000 physicians, healthcare providers and organizations across the country, and we are aligned in the value and solutions we provide to protect you, your practice and your people. Our merged company will provide clients with new products, services and benefits such as The Legacy Fund, Curi Advisory and Curi Capital. Stay tuned for more information about these offerings in the months ahead!

We Remain Steadfast in Our Commitment to Clients and Partners

Our care and concern for our clients will always be unwavering. Moving forward, we remain committed to serving our clients and broker partners and defending good medicine.

We Are Excited For Our New Name and Brand: Curi

You’ll see that we have renamed Constellation to Curi and have an updated logo for the transition to our new name; this logo will be used in communications and marketing materials for quite some time. You will also notice updates to With these changes, please rest assured we are the same company you have come to know and trust—with even greater financial strength and combined expertise.

Moving Forward With Minimal Changes

Much of what you are used to seeing—and your points of contact—will remain the same; over the next several months, we will take a smooth and measured approach to combining our companies.

What’s changing?
  • Our logo
  • Marketing collateral and conference materials
  • Look and feel of to align with our unified Curi brand
What remains the same?
  • All points of contact and our main company number: 800.328.5532
  • Insurance coverage
  • Bill pay method
  • Our products, services and insurance brand paper: MMIC, UMIA, Arkansas Mutual, MMIC RRG, MPIE
  • and MyAccount
  • Our commitment to defending good medicine and early intervention philosophy

How does this combined organization benefit me?   
The merged organization is furthering our mission-driven approach to supporting and protecting you and others across the U.S. Rest assured we will be grounded in your priorities and elevated in your outcomes, with the combined teams bringing expertise and innovative solutions.   

Why should I trust that the newly merged company will serve me as well or better than before?  
Curi and Constellation have been mission-driven companies with long-standing commitments to excellence in serving all those who devote their lives to healthcare. We both have a reputation for disciplined underwriting, proactive risk mitigation resources and supportive claims management.  

Together, the combined company continues to serve physicians and healthcare professionals where they work through medical professional liability insurance. Soon, our clients will have access to advisory, financial offerings, and even more.   

We are committed to our clients so you can be confident you’ll continue to receive the personal attention you, your organization and your care teams deserve. Our mutuality remains, as does our client-centric approach to deliver the protection you need and personal attention you deserve.

How does this impact my policy coverage, premium, benefits, claim processes, etc.?      
We understand and appreciate that you may have many questions. With the transition close now effective, we are continuing our work on the full transition plan. We ask for your patience as this allows us to be thoughtful and measured about the right ways to meet and exceed your needs. We will continue to provide updates throughout the process.   

Do we need to change the way we pay our premiums?
There are no immediate changes to the payment systems or processes. For both Constellation and Curi policies, you may process your payments as you do today.    

Who are the leaders of the new organization?   
Jason Sandner remains in his role as the CEO of the Curi organization. Ryan Crawford, formerly CEO of Constellation, is now the CEO of Curi Insurance. Brad Diericx, formerly CEO of Curi Insurance, has taken the new role of Chief Commercial Officer of Curi. Both Brad and Ryan will continue to support the company’s insurance clients and business partners, reporting to Jason.   

The ten Directors serving on each company’s board have come together in equal representation to govern as the Board of Directors of the merged organization. Dr. Patricia Hoffmann, formerly Chairperson of Constellation’s Board of Directors, is now Board Chair of the combined company. Dr. Scott Shapiro, previous Board Chair for Curi, is now Board Vice Chair.  

Who should I contact if I have additional questions? 
Please reach out to your business development consultant or underwriter for any questions. 

What to expect “Day 2” and beyond: With the transaction now closed, we are continuing to work diligently to make thoughtful decisions that maximize stability and minimize disruption, and to provide you with timely updates along the way. While the full integration process is expected to take place over 3-4 years, our immediate focus is on: 

  • Building on our legacies of mutual ownership, client service, and innovation while creating a national brand that seamlessly delivers the products, services, and valued advice that our members need to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.   
  • We’ve expanded our geographic footprint to be where our clients are. We’ve grown our teams with a focus on unwavering care and high-touch service. We’re optimizing technologies and processes to be even more nimble. And we’re adding to our portfolio of offerings, so we can handle wherever our clients’ business and life goals may go.  
  • A very bright future! Growth is the lifeblood of a healthy company. And a healthy company is in the best position to serve you. We are growing and investing in our company, our offerings, and our team to continue delivering on our ultimate vision: to be the trusted partner that broker partners, clinicians, healthcare organizations, and their families call on to drive success in their professional and personal lives. We’re incredibly excited about our future and extremely thankful you are a part of it! 
We Welcome Your Questions

Please call 800.328.5532 or submit our online contact form. We are here to help!