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Accessing and managing your medical professional liability insurance policy is easy with MyAccount, where you can find policy documents, loss runs, risk resources and more.

Underwriting Questions: For questions related to policy documents, loss runs or coverage changes, contact your insurance broker or underwriting team at 800.328.5532 or

Policy types and coverage:

Claims-made policies cover claims reported while the policy is in force, as long as the claim results from services provided on or after the prior acts date (retroactive date). 

Occurrence policies cover claims resulting from services performed while the policy is/was in force, regardless of when the claim is reported.

In the initial years of a claims-made policy, premiums are lower. The first-year premium is the lowest, as it covers claims occurring and reported within that year. From the second year onwards, premiums increase, as the policy responds to claims from previous years that are reported later. This premium escalation continues until the fifth year. After the fifth year, premiums remain stable at a mature level.

Tail coverage, or an extended reporting period (ERP), is provided when a claims-made policy is discontinued. It covers claims arising from incidents that occurred while the policy was active but have not been reported yet. An ERP is recommended upon retirement, when changing employers, or when switching insurance carriers, unless the new carrier picks up prior acts coverage.

Policy management:

You can access your policy documents and COI in My Account, under the Policies & Reports section. 

You can access loss runs in MyAccount, under the Policies & Reports section. For group or facility policyholders, the organization’s administrator will have access to loss runs.

You can access, download, and print policy documents in My Account, under the Policies & Reports section.

Coverage changes and updates:

If you change employers, the policy will need to be canceled. We offer an extended reporting period (ERP) or “tail coverage” for a premium. This provides coverage for claims that result from services provided while the policy was in force but have not yet been reported. It is generally recommended to purchase an ERP when changing employers. However, if a new carrier will be picking up prior acts coverage, an ERP is not necessary. Note that the retroactive or prior acts date is the earliest date incidents would be covered under the policy, and any incidents prior to this date would not be covered.

When retiring, it is important to consider whether you have a claims-made policy. If so, an extended reporting period (ERP) or “tail coverage” is recommended to cover any incidents that have not yet been reported. The ERP provides coverage for claims that result from services provided while the policy was in force but have not yet been reported and is available for a premium. If you have been insured with us continuously for at least one year and are completely and permanently retiring from the practice of medicine, you may be eligible for a waived premium extended reporting period.

For retired physicians who wish to volunteer, we offer a policy with limited coverage for non-surgical, invasive or obstetric care. The policy is available at a reduced premium and does not cover any services provided in exchange for remuneration. Contact us for more information on this policy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information on this policy—we are always here to help.

If you work with an insurance agent, they are your first point of contact for any coverage questions and changes. Our underwriting team is also available to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have at 800.328.5532 or

If you are working directly with us, please reach out to our underwriting team for assistance with coverage changes.

Additional coverage information:

Yes, coverage is provided automatically to a temporary health care provider who is substituting for an individual insured scheduled on one of our medical professional liability (MPL) policies. However, a written contract or agreement is required to specify the insured has agreed to provide MPL insurance for the locum tenens. The locum tenens will share the applicable limit of liability with the individual insured they are replacing.

It is important to note that automatic locum tenens coverage is not available in Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin due to patient compensation fund requirements. In these states, an endorsement is required to provide coverage. If you have any questions about coverage for locum tenens, please contact your insurance agent or company representative.

Dual towers coverage means there are separate liability limits for professional liability and all other liabilities. With liability coverage, an insured receives a specific limit for professional liability and another limit for general and other liability coverages.

The retroactive date, also known as the prior acts date, is the earliest point in time for which an insurance policy provides coverage for incidents or claims. It determines the extent of coverage for claims that result from services provided prior to the policy’s effective date. If an incident occurred before the retroactive date, it would not be covered by the policy.

For more information, contact us at 800.328.5532 or

Business development questions:

New business requests can be sent to our dedicated mailbox: 

To underwrite a new business application, we require the following information:

Physicians application: Loss history, declaration page, and proof of tail coverage (for claims made policies)

Facilities application: Loss history, declaration page, financials, organizational chart, a listing of locations, and state inspections or accrediting agency reports. All applications can be found here.

We write across the spectrum of healthcare, including physicians, hospitals and senior living facilities. Our coverage area extends to certain states, which are indicated on our website. Please contact your business development consultant to discuss any specific questions about our appetite for coverage. Learn more about our coverage map.

Risk mitigation services:

Our team of risk consultants is available to provide assistance with any medical liability matter. They specialize in specific areas of practice and can be reached via email, phone or virtual meetings during regular business hours. Contact them directly or call 800.328.5532. LEARN MORE about how to minimize risk.

We offer a variety of risk management tools and resources, including risk assessments, webinars, risk management guides, and our HEAL Prepare Toolkit. These resources can be found in MyAccount under the Risk Resources tab.

Our risk consultants are here to help you assess the factors that lead to allegations of medical liability and provide advice on how to mitigate risk. Contact them directly or call 800-328-5532 to learn more. You may also reach out via email directly, or at


If you have registered for MyAccount, you can report an incident or claim by clicking on the “Incident/Claim” tab and selecting “Report an Incident”. You’ll then be prompted to fill in the necessary information.

If you have not registered for MyAccount, you can also report an incident or a claim on our public website and filling out the online incident reporting form HERE.

Billing and Payments:
To set up a payment method, sign in to MyAccount and click the “Payment & Invoices” tab, then select “Payment Method”.

We accept credit/debit cards and ACH/electronic checks for payments made through MyAccount.

To pay your bill, sign in to MyAccount, click the “Payment & Invoices” tab, then select “Pay Bill”. You can use the payment method you have set up to pay the invoice.

To find your invoice, sign in to MyAccount and click on the “Payment & Invoices” tab, then select “Invoices”.

To check your payment history, sign in to MyAccount, click on the “Payment & Invoices” tab, and select “Payment History”. You will be able to view the details of your past payments.

Additional FAQ's

Sign in to MyAccount and click the “Risk Resources tab” to access a variety of content to help you mitigate risk.

Your policy documents are typically available as soon as the policy is issued.

A canceled policy can be viewed for up to 60 days from the date of cancellation on MyAccount under the “Policies and Reports” tab.

If a policy is canceled, please contact your agent or Underwriting team at 800.328.5532 or

Tail coverage documents are available on MyAccount for 60 days after the Policy end date.

If you have set up auto pay, the first payment will be processed on the due date. You will receive a notification five days before the due date with the amount owed, which is the minimum amount due.