We believe there’s a better way to move forward in the wake of an unanticipated outcome, a way that creates a path to healing for everyone involved. Our HEAL® program replaces silence, doubt, fear and frustration with an honest, human-centered acknowledgement of what happened, its impact, and what to expect next.

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Latest Webinar – HEAL® Prepare Toolkit: Culture – Why it Matters

Our latest on-demand webinar provides an overview of leadership actions, tools and resources to set course to measure, improve, monitor and sustain your organizational culture.

New! HEAL® Prepare Toolkit

The HEAL Prepare Toolkit is a comprehensive program that prepares health care providers and teams for harm events. The Toolkit will help assess your team’s readiness and get you started on building best practices. Visit HEAL Prepare Toolkit under Risk Resources.

Latest Risk Report: Reducing Resident Injury

We analyze our malpractice claim data to provide risk reports that highlight claim-triggering allegations so that your organization can understand the contributing factors causing injuries and implement strategies to minimize risk.