At Constellation, we’re creating a better way forward after harm events—a way that can preserve relationships, promote communication and ultimately improve everyone’s experience. Our early intervention program, HEAL, is focused on acting promptly after an unanticipated outcome, to both shorten the life cycle of the event and to reduce the sequence of negative impacts it may cause.

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Our Harm Event Philosophy

Constellation will defend the good medicine of our customers. It all starts with early reporting after adverse events.

Common Factors: Let's Get Clinical

The latest issue of Common Factors is now live! Constellation's experts share proven risk management tips to mitigate harm events in clinics.

How to Protect Your Organization From Excess Malpractice Verdicts

Verdict protection coverage through Constellation’s Excess Judgment Liability protects health care teams from unexpectedly high verdicts and exaggerated settlement demands based on policy limits.