Documentation for Risk Mitigation: Reducing Harm and Supporting Care

Documentation serves many important purposes in health care. Chief among them is care team communication about decision making and continuity of care. Documentation also serves as evidence of the care provided in the event of a malpractice claim. An analysis of Constellation® claims reveals that insufficient or incomplete documentation contributes to 15% of claims and accounts for 22% of costs.

This webinar will outline best practices for documentation to improve communication, continuity of care and defense of claims.


  1. Identify the purposes and value of quality documentation in improving communication among the care team and malpractice claim defense.
  2. Learn the five principles of quality documentation and how to incorporate them into everyday practice.
  3. Discuss strategies to improve safety and mitigate risks through timely and complete documentation.
Constellation Presenters

Betty VanWoert, RN, BSN, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant

With over 35 years of risk management and clinical experience in women’s health and neonatal nursing, Betty knows first-hand how proactive risk management can impact care teams and those they serve.

Betty provides trusted risk consultation and education for hospitals, health care facilities, and clinic practices. She prides herself and her team on offering recommendations and resources that mitigate the risks associated with top medical professional liability factors and guide a full, compassionate response when harm events do occur.

Karie Minaga-Miya, RN, JD, CPHRM
Sr. Risk Consultant

With degrees in both nursing and law, plus more than 30 years in health care and risk management in hospital, clinic and other health care settings, Karie brings a strong combination of expertise to her role. Her combined legal, nursing and administrative experience puts her in an ideal position to help policyholders address risk and safety issues, as well as work with them on early intervention to help avoid malpractice claims, and deal with issues around disclosure, error prevention and much more.

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