With the changing realities of health care, it is no longer enough to only offer medical professional liability (MPL) insurance to physicians and practices. That’s why we are continually looking for new and bold ways to help care teams provide personalized and engaged care, through transformative coverage and offerings that support your care teams and your business.

Introducing the HEAL Program

Oftentimes, a harm event causes unintentional ripples of hurt—for patients/residents, care teams, and the organization. At Constellation, we believe there’s a better way to navigate an unexpected outcome, a way that creates a path to healing for everyone involved. That’s why we created HEAL, a program dedicated to acting promptly after a harm event occurs and taking the learnings to help prepare your organization to mitigate future events.

Responding After a Harm Event

We encourage you to report a harm event early. Our data shows a significant reduction in the life cycle of a case–as much as 111 days–when the event is reported early. Reporting also allows our risk and claim consultants to help your organization through HEAL’s core services:

  • Clinician Peer Support
  • Risk Consultation
  • Communication Assistance
  • Expert Case Review
Mitigating Harm Events through the HEAL Prepare Toolkit
Assess and improve your readiness to resolve harm events

The HEAL Prepare Toolkit is a comprehensive, multi-year program that prepares health care providers and teams for harm events. We know that unexpected outcomes, mistakes, and harm events are inevitable. How we react in the first crucial moments determines whether we preserve trust, communicate, learn and improve. Our Prepare Toolkit will help assess your team’s readiness and then help you build best practices.

HEAL includes access to assessments, best practices, samples and coaching to get your organization up to best practices on the following:

  • Culture–Enhancing patient safety culture, implementing just culture principles and increasing staff engagement in harm event reporting
  • Event Response–Responding to harm events quickly to accomplish thorough investigations
  • Communication–Engaging in immediate and ongoing open and empathetic communication with patients, residents and families
  • Moving Forward–Mitigating similar risk in the future and ensuring your care teams are supported

The HEAL Prepare Toolkit is self-guided, so you can begin your journey at any time!

Step 1: Take the HEAL Assessment and get instant scoring, recommendations and an action plan

Step 2: Move as a team through the 4 units of the HEAL Prepare Toolkit with best practices, education, podcasts and tools

Step 3: Re-take the HEAL Assessment and implement a scorecard for success

HEAL. A better way forward, together.
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Introducing Excess Judgment Liability (XJL)

In response to market conditions and recent large medical professional liability verdicts across the country, Constellation has developed Excess Judgment Liability (XJL) coverage. XJL coverage will apply for judgments or binding arbitration in excess of other professional liability insurance purchased through MMIC, UMIA, Arkansas Mutual or MMIC RRG.

This innovative coverage option will help you better manage limits in a transitioning market—a market where excess liability insurance capacity is decreasing. Limits of liability purchased under XJL are protected from superficially inflated settlement demands aimed at accessing excess policy limits. XJL premiums are typically less than traditional excess liability coverage.

Who can purchase it?
Physician groups, hospitals and long-term care organizations.

What are the benefits?

  • Protects policy limits from exaggerated settlement demands based on policy limits instead of patient injuries
  • Encourages reasonable settlements
  • Helps ensure you are covered in the event of an unexpectedly high verdict
  • Assists in resolving cases quickly and efficiently

Why not just add additional coverage?
Limits of liability purchased under XJL coverage are not available for settlement demands unless there is a final award. Existence of this policy is subject to discovery.

XJL is exclusive to Constellation.