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Recognizing and Defusing Aggressive Behavior Before Violence Erupts

CATEGORY: On Demand, Webinars
RECORDED: December 6, 2023
Steve Wilder, BA, CHSP, STS, President and CEO, Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, A Division of CITCA, LLC

Harassment and violence in healthcare settings are at epidemic proportions, and the incidents continue to increase. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is considering codifying a federal law that will force healthcare entities to take proactive steps, and states are passing individual statutes that mandate providers receive proper training to minimize the risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just revealed that healthcare worker reports of bullying, verbal abuse and other hostile actions from patients, family members and coworkers have doubled since 2018. Being frequently harassed may lead to higher levels of anxiety, depression, and burnout and affect patient safety. This webinar will discuss the issue of aggressive behavior in healthcare settings and introduce ways to minimize risk and improve feelings of safety amongst care teams.