Podcast Episode: Closing the Loop

An unanticipated outcome serves an important purpose—it provides an opportunity for the organization to analyze what happened as objectively as possible, with help from their medical professional liability provider.

With the HEAL® program, Constellation® conducts a thorough review of the harm event and identifies ways to improve processes. The goal is to reduce future harm events through best practices and tools and help from our team of risk experts.

“Injured patients and families need to heal first and foremost clearly, but organizations and teams need to heal as well. And part of that healing is taking care of the health and wellbeing of the providers. Another part of organizational healing from the risk management perspective is closing the loop and that really involves two big things.

Number one, can we implement best practices to mitigate the risk in the future. Can we put new processes or behaviors in place to mitigate the same risks going forward? Number two, can we take the lessons that we’ve learned and share them across the organization?”

Emily Clegg, Senior Director of Risk Mitigation and Response at Constellation
Good care. Good business.

Listen to our Good Care Good Business podcast episodes to learn more about our HEAL program. Our team of experts discuss a variety of topics related to supporting your care teams and reducing risk in your practice when it comes to the biggest drivers of medical professional liability claims.

HEAL Program

Constellation’s HEAL program provides healing benefits for care teams and their organizations because we truly believe that what’s good for care teams is good for business.